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Hatsy's Moveset and Card Artwork.

"It's over before it's begun!"

- Hatsy


Hatsy is the lord of the Sp00ns, living dormant in the center of the moon for ages. The Sp00ns are able to dig into the center of the moon, discovering the Temple of Hatsy. Earth's Heroes, led by Penor and Cecil, disrupt the excavation, killing many Sp00ns in the process. They reach Hatsy's inner sanctum, where they accidentally awake him by attacking his phallic eggs.

Stats and MovesetEdit

HP: 180

Class: Offense

Sub-Class: Warrior
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Ram: Deals 10 DMG. Roll the dice. The number it lands on is the number of times this attack hits.

F'Donk: Hatsy slaps the enemy with his penis, dealing 25 DMG.

Dominate: Hatsy does 10 more DMG on his next attack.

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