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"In times of war, In times of struggle, In the face of opression, we must all bow down to Hatsy himself."

- Prayer to Hatsy, from Sp00nerism IV


Near the beginning of time, an evil being known only as Sp00nerism opened a wormhole into The Milky Way. After studying human life for more than 2000 years, he had formulated the perfect plan to become the new ruler of the planet. He resurrected Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, and dozens of other evil dictators, warlords, and generals to help him in his conquest for Earth. Sp00n was not able to close the wormhole in time, resulting in the resurrection of Earth's heroes, including Gandhi and Anne Frank. At first, the heroes of Earth are confident in repelling Sp00n's invasion, but Gandhi refuses to fight without a proper leader. Sp00nerism begins his attack, taking over a major chunk of the Earth. Penor, a young farm boy from the British Isles, is selected to lead Earth's Heroes, after he survived the imminent destruction of his former farm. Who will win the struggle for Earth in a battle of good and evil?

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