"Are you ready....To die!?"

- Sp00nerism

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Sp00nerism's Moveset and Card Artwork.


Sp00nerism (Also known as Sp00n) is a mystical, half-horse being that seeks to conquer Earth. He is ruthless, and will kill anything or anyone that opposes him. Not much is known about him, but he came to Earth from another Dimension. He is the Primary Antagonist of Battle Butts.


Stats and MovesetEdit

HP: 120

Class: Offense

Sub-Class: Caster


Horse Stare: The enemy target is unable to attack next turn.

Jaw Kick: Roll the dice. The number it lands on is the number of times Sp00nerism attacks, each attack dealing 10 DMG.

Gallop: Sp00nerism switches out with another character.
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